Sunday, 12 December 2010

My name's Jamie.

As my first blog I guess it would only be polite to give some info about myself. I’m a uni graduate who studied literature and screenwriting. I’m obsessed with world cinema and music and I’m overly opinionated and under qualified on both.

I don’t really buy into this whole myspace/blog culture which seems infested with fashionably neurotic attention seekers. I will not moan about being unemployed, unloved or unappreciated. I’d much rather remain silent and appear stupid than speak and remove all doubt.

I am basically writing this because I miss writing, I miss expressing myself and I miss the smug satisfaction that comes from formulating arguments and presenting them like a dog with a dead animal.

My greatest passion is discovering music and film. For me life is about discovering movies and music which reveal more of the human condition than I thought I knew.
So I plan (over the course of however long my attention span lasts) to write reviews/critiques/grievances about film and music which sticks in my mind for either being amazing, surprising or down right offensive.
Please argue with me, agree with me but don’t abuse me I'm very fragile under this tough Yorkshire exterior!

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  1. Didn't know you were into blogging as well mate, I guess I'll have to follow you now =)